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Dr. Shirley McKellar is a dedicated public servant, veteran, and entrepreneur running to represent the people of 1st District of Texas in 2016!

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You Want Change in Washington? Elect Dr. Shirley J. McKellar to U.S. Congress for District 1, Texas!


I began working in political campaigns supporting and marketing my favorite candidates at the age of eighteen. From this experiential position as well as with suggestions from colleagues to run for public office, I realized that I have the potential to serve my country - again - having acquired years of experience in the military, business, political and medical fields. With this background and wisdom, I recognized my own readiness to embark upon this political adventure.

It is my goal to capitalize on my personal strengths, skills and abilities to ensure a successful campaign, and I believe the great people of Texas will find in me a truthful spokesperson for their concerns in the U. S. Congress.






Serving our country where the rights of all citizens may be enjoyed, is a privileged duty which I will continue to cherish and fulfill to the utmost of my ability. As a woman of color I am proud that our Constitution provides us with the opportunity to serve in elected office regardless of gender, race, color of creed. I am qualified and prepared to serve our country and community in such elected office. It has always been an honor to serve my country and I will be equally honored to represent you in the United States Congress!



With a deep belief and trust in a Higher Power, whom I call God, I know VICTORY is at hand. I am guided to govern and enforce the "will of the people" of Texas. I will not engage in the politics of abuse, name-calling and petty quarreling to benefit my campaign.



I believe Americans are fed up with the political agenda of using old, worn-out tactics and the game of "politics as usual". Elections must be determined by the issues, not money and not cheap attempts to degrade the character of others. Winning is about what's best for the people!



During my deployment to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom as a professional nurse in the Army, I was injured and sadly had to return home a wounded warrior. I felt my career and my ability to serve my country had ended in the blink of an eye, leaving nothing else for me to do. I look back on those times, leaving the comforts of home in favor of the difficult terrain with one mission at hand, to keep our country safe. What stands out in my memory is the disappointment I felt returning home unable to continue the mission of my deployment. It was a long road to recovery but the scores of brave and wounded soldiers in my midst during that time is what turned that horrible feeling that my ability to serve had been taken into the realization that everywhere we look there are needs to be met and opportunities to serve! Now without regret, I am seizing those opportunities and I do so with the utmost gratitude for the country I love and with loyal devotion to ensuring liberty, safety, and freedom for all of her citizens!



The dream is still in my heart.



I will always be dedicated to serve my fellow citizens, my community and my country, and I will always do so with respect, care, and concern for the needs and the will of the good people I hope to represent! Thank you for standing with me as your spokesperson in the U. S. Congress!


POB 4094 Tyler TX United States 75712


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